Voteice allows users to register as a Voter, create a profile, search and follow politicians, political reporter and Issue Organizations, vote for politicians, create a complaint to politicians, share information as an anonymously whilstleblower, donate to a politician and political reporter, share their opinion on Whouter microblog, request and cast a ballot for registered Voteice Politicians and Ballot Initiatives.

Voters also list their top 10 ten political priorities, share their opinions, rate their political leaders and participate in Voteice mock federal, state, county and city Primary, General and Run Off Elections.

Additionally, Voters can donate to their favorite politicians and political reporters. Voteice prepares voters to elect their political representatives in government. Voter pay a $2 per month or $10 per year subscription.


Voteice allows users to register as a Politician, create a profile, list their campaign priorities, search and follow Voteice Voters, Issue Organizations and Political Reporter, share campaign videos and respond to Voter's Complaints, share their opinion on Whouter microblog, run for political office, receive campaign donations and share information as a anonymously whistleblower.

Politicians pay to upload 30, 60, 90, 120 and 150 seconds campaign videos to promote their campaign.

A Voteice Politician is a person active in their party's politics, or a person holding a current political office or seeking to be elected to a federal, state, county or city political office. Politicians pay $20 per month or $100 per year subscription.

Issue Organizations

Voteice allows Issues Organizations such as corporations, nonprofits, community groups, unions and labor organizations to register, create a profile and create a Ballot Initiatives for Voteice Voters to become informed and take a mock vote for or against a ballot initiative on the actual ballot.

Issue Organizations may use Voteice to advocate for or against a proposed or certified ballot initiative, promote their political positions, share their opinion on Whouter microblog, donate to politicians and Political Reporters.

They also pay to upload their campaign videos and contact Voteice Voters to gather petition signatures for proposed Ballot Initiatives. Issue Organizations pay $100 per month or $1,000 per year subscription.

Political Reporters

Voteice allows Political Reporters to Register, create a profile and upload political news videos and images to news stories that will appear on Voteice Dashboard for all users to see.They will receive donations from Voters, politicians, and issue organizations.

Political Reporters can share their opinions in Whouter microblog, and become an anonymously whistleblowers. They can be an independent poltical reporter or work as a political news reporter for an online publication, traditional newspaper, digital magazine, radio, or tv broadcaster for a news organization. Political Reporters pay $10 per month or $60 per year subscriptions.


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